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You say Where, We'll Be There - Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall - SKIHAWKS Do It All
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About the SkiHawks


Though primarily a downhill ski club, SkiHawks remains active all year long. The membership is comprised of both singles and couples with the full range of skill levels likely to be present on anything we undertake. If you’ve been around for a while and like being active, you’ll enjoy SkiHawks.

Our membership covers a wide area including King, Pierce, Thurston Counties plus other areas of Washington as well as some out of state members. We currently have 110 members. The club has been active since the 1970’s.

President:  Liz Larsen (contact  (360)951-5958
Treasurer:  Elin Meyer
Activities: DJ Milton & Rick Walker
Newsletter:  Laurie Thomas

You may contact us via U.S mail at
4323 Abigail Dr NE
Lacey, WA 98516
or via email at


Several annual events plus regular membership and social meetings serve as a framework for our calendar. The rest of what we do in a given year depends on what the members choose to organize and participate in. Lately that has included a variety of ski trips, a snowshoe outing, day hikes, weekly kayaking in the summer, bike rides, 4th of July outings, and trips to see the latest Warren Miller film or share some kind of festival fun.

It all depends on the membership. Everything we do is organized by a member of the club – or several. The Board of Directors sets the dates for and organizes the Annual Picnic, the Christmas party, the spring dance, and the election party. Members help with the planning, decorating, etc. for each of these. Beyond those events, it’s a matter of who steps up to what. That works well in terms of having things going on that the members are interested in. And there’s usually plenty going on.

Several ski trips have been offered for long enough they are considered “regulars.” We usually have trips to Reno/Lake Tahoe, Big Sky, Montana, and Utah. Sun Peaks in British Columbia has been a great “season starter” for several years. Ski trips are typically opened for sign up at the Annual Picnic in the summer. Some new trips occur on shorter notice and sometimes there are cancellations. So let the trip leader know if you are interested in a trip that’s “Full.” The Winter Activities Coordinator is the Board member who keeps track of the whole roster of trips and helps those arranging them keep things organized and on target. If you aren’t sure what makes sense to do, talk to that person. Day trips such as hikes and kayaking are organized anywhere from a couple weeks to a day in advance. The Summer Activities Coordinator usually knows what is in the offing so call that person if you don’t see what you want or aren’t sure of how to find it. (You just might end up leading the trip you wanted though…..)

embership meetings are on the fourth Thursday of each month and are currently being held at the Hawks Prairie Restaurant (8306 Quinault Dr NE in Lacey).  (Please check our EVENTS page as holidays and summer activities may impact the the schedule.)  This location is right off the I-5 freeway at the Marvin Road exit.  Prior to the meetings, members most often arrive early at 5:30 PM to enjoy dinner and socialize.  The actual meetings start at 7:00pm and typically include a speaker on some relevant topic, information about upcoming events, and the opportunity to visit with other members. Monthly social meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month and vary in terms of the activity involved. Often it’s dinner out together, but it could also be wine-making, bowling, or a barbeque at a member’s home. We alternate social meetings between Olympia and Tacoma since we have members in both areas.


Everyone is encouraged to lead a trip eventually. Traditional multi-day, out-of-state ski outings are offered by members who are willing to set them up. There are companies and staff at resorts to help with the process, plus members who have already lead trips are great about answering questions and adding insight if asked. Overnights to bike or kayak have also been fun. In addition, there is a wide range of possibilities for what might happen on a day trip basis. The calendar on the website ( is your best source of information on what’s currently in the works. Ski trips usually involve a sign up and deposit requirement months in advance of the trip because of the planning needs of the ski resorts. Other activities tend to be on shorter notice.

Anything that’s being organized by the club will be mentioned on the calendar. One or more announcements about the event are also typically sent out to the membership via e-mail. If you aren’t getting e-mail, there is a newsletter that can be received via regular mail, but it’s not as timely. In addition to the officially organized stuff, members sometimes invite SkiHawks to parties and other events they are planning that include more than the club. These are still announced via e-mail but sometimes are on such short notice that putting them on the calendar doesn’t work.


Don’t wait until you’re sure you’re good at whatever we are planning before you get involved. You don’t have to qualify for the Olympics to sign up for a ski trip, and you don’t have to be able to ride Seattle to Portland on a bike to sign up for a ride. True, some of our members are really good at this stuff. But there are a bunch of us who aren’t, so don’t be shy. Take a look at what’s happening, find something that looks interesting, and call or e-mail the person taking the lead to find out more. The sooner you start to do things with the club, the more people you meet and the more familiar and fun it begins to feel.

Also, volunteer to help when something needs to get done. That’s a really quick way to feel like “one of the gang.”